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Author: Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander started Onewheel AZ on August 14th, 2017 shortly after getting his pre-order Onewheel Plus as a way to form group rides and unite other riders to explore AZ by Onewheel. He alsowrites Onewheel music under the name Krew Jonz.

Crowd Jacker

This is the song I wrote to perform at Seek and Shred 2. The beat is fire from Nas’s song, Hip Hop is Dead which is produced by Will I Am. I don’t sell my songs; I’m only posting here for the riders who asked. If there is any issue, please let me know, and I’ll take it down : ] The video is a compilation of shots from the event mixed with my performance at Seek and Shred 2. Crowd Jacker Video of Seek and Shred and Live Performance Crowd Jacker Lyrics Let...

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Onewheel Music

So it’s clear I love Onewheels. Outside of my wife and kids, One of my favorite personal passions is cruising, tricking, exploring, paling with other riders, racing and getting shreddy on Onewheels. I also love hip-hop music and have been performing as an MC since high school in a group called: Ascended Masterz. Due to sharing my time and only so much time, I mainly get to Onewheel these days rather than making beats and writing lyrics, but I’ve found myself inspired and writing...

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Flow Chasers

I love all forms of Onewheel racing: racing with friends, racing against competition, Onewheel Racing League events, which is what Rap for the Rail is about, as well as the Underground Circuit. Flow Chasers is my anthem and ode to the Onewheel Underground Circuit and the riders that love to race in the Underground, like me lol Some background on the lyrics: The Underground Circuit is mainly an idea started between some Cali bros with Stokey ambitions for a more open-style community...

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Let It Ride Song

I performed 3 of my Onewheel songs at Let It Ride 3 this year. I had my Rap For the Rail song since Let It Ride 3 is an ORL regional sanctioned event, my newly recorded Underground racing song, Flow Chasers, and was asked if I could do a little something special for Let It Ride 3. I told him it was short notice to bang out a new beat and lyrics, record, and memorize it, but I would try. Thankfully, I started with the beat and got hyped on that, and the lyrics started flowing. It’s a faster-tempo...

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How to Record a Ride in Ride Hermes

If you want to be able to create segments, you will first need to record a ride. The guide below will walk you through the steps on how to record a ride in Ride Hermes. Recording a Ride Steps Step 1 – Press Record From the homescreen press the Record button and It will take you to the map view and load nearby trails. Xnito Helmet Discount Save 15$ with our Community Link Step 2 – Wait for Trails to Load Wait until the trails...

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How to Create Segment in Ride Hermes

If you want to race against friends on a Onewheel with the Ride Heremes app, you will need to create Segments. In this guide, I will show you How to create Segments in Ride Hermes. Note: Currently, Segment creation can only be done via a desktop computer. Starting Your Segment When a Segment is created it will have its own perpetual leaderboard. You do not need to create a Season to have fun with Segments and this is the easiest form of competition between riders. When a Segment is added...

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How to Create a Season in Ride Hermes

Now that you know how to create a League in Ride Hermes, the next step to learn is How to create a Season. A season is a set amount of segments chosen to be raced during a set amount of time. The current standard has been around 10 segments selected over 3 months. The Seasons start differently due to the location and weather. In AZ we start around Feb/March so our Season ends before summer, but East Coast locations are still dealing with snow or wet weather and start around the Summer. The current...

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How to Create a League in Ride Hermes

If you and your Onewheel friends want the ability to race against each other and have leaderboards calculated automatically, you’re going to want to get the Ride Hermes app. If you like Onewheel racing and friendly competition, you will appreciate the work our friend Mark Burns has done single-handedly for the love of the community. It’s the first app that was created as a way to help Onewheel riders experience the fun of healthy competition with fellow riders in their community....

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OWAZ Underground Racing Circuit 2024

Onewheel AZ Underground Racing Circuit – Season 2 – Begins in March 2024 Onewheel AZ While the Underground Circuit has been growing since 2020, with the move from Strava ( Ice Skating ) to the dedicated Ride Hermes app, 2024 will be the 2nd year OWAZ Underground sets segments on fire and we couldn’t be more excited to see riders pushing their growth. These segments are fast and flowy, with a touch of technical, and some chunk amongst butter. Onewheel AZ or OWAZ Underground...

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Onewheel Racing League Guide | ORL

Update 6/13/23: Float Life Fest 6 is AFTER Race for the Rail and will count towards the 2023 season points, but cannot get you an invite to RFTR due to being after. Justyn Thompson Are you ready to learn about the Onewheel Racing League and how to get access to the Superbowl of Onewheel racing the Race for the Rail? Look no further, because we’ve got everything you need to know right here in our comprehensive Onewheel Racing League Guide. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just...

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