Rap 4 the Rail R4TR

Rap 4 The Rail – R4TR

Rap 4 the Rail – Race For The Rail Onewheel Song I wrote Rap 4 the Rail as an ode to the competition at Race for the Rail, which is put on by the Onewheel Racing League. I don’t watch a ton of sports, but I have been watching R4TR since its first year, and each year it has gotten better in terms of competition and quality. It truly is my Superbowl, and so many of these riders are humans I admire that also have amazing skills. While this Onewheel song is about racing as a whole,...

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OWAZ 5YR Anniversary

Onewheel AZ 5 Year Anniversary

On August 17th, 2017, shortly before I received my preorder Plus that would radically change my life, I knew how much I was going to love the Onewheel and wanted to prepare and build a community for other riders like myself to explore and grow together. Today we are almost 2000 members and have consistently kept growing for a few key reasons: We are inclusive and inviting to any rider that lives in Arizona or is Passing through. We have an excellent moderation team that is strategically...

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Onewheel AZ Discord Server Launches

Onewheel AZ started in Early 2018 as a Facebook group. It has grown from a couple of riders who met to find a few shreddy spots and is heading towards 2000 members looking for Onewheel group rides in AZ. Due to Arizona being spread out and the lack of additional functionality within Facebook groups, we decided to fire up a Discord server and start building the Onewheel AZ Discord Community. Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform. Users communicate with...

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Onewheel AZ joins the Parada Del Sol Parade

On February 5th, 2022, Onewheel AZ teamed up with Riverbound Sports to participate in the 68th Annual Parada Del Sol Parade. This kicks off the return of the parade since it took off two years for the world to heal, which means the parade has been going strong for 70 years. East Valley Onewheel repair specialist carries the Onewheel AZ flag next to the Riverbound Sports and Paddle Van in the parade What is the Parada Del Sol Parade? As ScottsdaleParade.com mentions: The annual parade...

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Can you protect your Onewheel with insurance?

The Onewheel is one of my favorite devices to ride on. It's also $2, 000 worth of machinery and I always want to make sure it's protected from theft and damage. Jeremiah who is one of our members works in the insurance industry and was kind enough to look into various ways to cover your Onewheel.

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The Battery Bern

At Onewheel AZ we love to explore and shred, but also share some jokes! Having the ability to extend your ride time significantly through an extended range battery like the CBXR, allows you to leave range anxiety in the dust. In comparison, the stock battery leaves you waiting while you charge more often. I’d like to call this snobbish Onewheel joke….The Battery Bern. Top photo shows a group of CBXR riders exploring the Sonoran deserts without a charger or concern for power. The below...

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My Onewheel Song

Hello and Happy Holidays! On this Eve of Xmas I would like to share a Onewheel song I have been working on simply titled: “My Onewheel”. I recorded it yesterday over an instrumental I really liked by Ariel T. called Nakamas Dance. This is really for all the Onewheel riders that have ridden enough to understand what this Onewheel addiction is all about. I hope you enjoi this Onewheel Anthem and give Ariels page a like to support his music. Happy Holidays from Onewheel AZ. My...

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Onewheel Trail Respect

One of my favorite things to do with the Onewheel is to explore as many trails as I can find. Desert trails, mountain trails, forest trails, and any other trail that is rideable. You might find me riding trails, smiling ear to ear while floating. Maybe even mapping paths to share with the Onewheel community, and of course, the Onewheel AZ members. As much as I love riding the trails, I also think it’s important to understand Onewheel trail rules and etiquette. Stewards of Trail Stoke The...

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Onewheel Trading Card Template

Todays the day. You’re past the point of getting on the Onewheel and standing up without tumbling and you just successfully landed a curb drop with style. What’s next on the bucket list??? Creating your personalized Onewheel trading card of course! With the help of Onewheel AZ, by golly, that’s just what you’re gonna do. Onewheel Trading Card for Aaron Alexander How to create a Onewheel trading card? I created the OWTC template and based it on an old template...

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