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Flow Chasers

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I love all forms of Onewheel racing: racing with friends, racing against competition, Onewheel Racing League events, which is what Rap for the Rail is about, as well as the Underground Circuit.

Flow Chasers is my anthem and ode to the Onewheel Underground Circuit and the riders that love to race in the Underground, like me lol

Some background on the lyrics:

The Underground Circuit is mainly an idea started between some Cali bros with Stokey ambitions for a more open-style community Onewheel racing. Friends Tadeau from Montery, Ryan “Soulrider,” and Ben M. from SD started the first Underground segment with Strava, named Bowtie, in San Diego. The first major Underground Circuit race took place in Tahoe.

Enter RideHermes:

Stava is a swell GPS route app, but it’s mainly focused on runners and mountain bikers. After years of asking them for a category segment for Onewheels and being relegated to using the ice skates category, a Onewheel riding programmer named Mark Burns cooked up and developed Ride Hermes. This app is focused on GPS-based racing with live leaderboards. Over the last few years, the Underground Circuit and RideHermes have been growing segment-based Onewheel racing from a few states to Worldwide growth since riders everywhere can create Leagues and Seasons for their community to set challenges on.

What Else Sets the Underground Circuit Apart?

A major distinction between the ORL and Underground Circuit is the ability for riders to race Future Motion Onewheels, adv wheels, or the variable D.I.Y. VESC options. Basically, if it’s a Onewheel you can build or buy, you can race it in the Underground.

The Main Gist of the Song:

The main sentiment of the song is, if you enjoy racing Onewheels, Welcome to the Underground. I can verify that once your community starts a League and Season, the racers will beat each other’s times and show what is really possible on a trail segment in your area. IMO, the ability to push yourself and have a goal to try to beat is the real gold. Finding your boundaries and growing from them is what makes all of us, better riders.

I hope you enjoy another one of my Onewheel songs, Let’s get to it: Flow Chasers

Flow Chaser Lyrics

Chorus X 1:

Flow Chasers

no no limits

the trails hot

segment blazers

till there’s a win

 no cold cases

amatuers, legends

clydesdales and pro racers

Welcome to the Underground Races

Verse 1:

Let’s fly  


Ben on Bowtie 

Leaders in our heart 

Start of the race 

Our head high 

Waitin for the 

Ready, set, blast off

The times nigh

Let’s gooo

Lookin like some anime speed lines

We blaze by  

For a chance of the glory 

1st place ain’t promised

Put in the work

The name of the story

These riders on it   

Story started in

SD to Tahoe

Now, we a worldwide force

Exponential raw growth

Shout out to Tadeu

Monterey speed freaks 

As the wind whistles past

You can hear the high-tone

If you racin towards to end zone

Welcome to the club

Of this pack of hungry riders

Throwing down for the dub

Chorus x 2:

Flow Chasers

No no limits

The trails hot

Segment blazers

Till there’s a win

No cold cases

Amateurs, Legends

Clydesdales and Pro Racer

Welcome to the Underground Races

Verse 2:

We got….

Onewheel, adv, DIY VESC

Got skills to flex

Come and put up your best

Time on Hermes

Track it down to the milisec

Mark on the dataset

Thanks for the flavor, chef


Spicy as the ankle bite burns

The wheel turns

Down to the tready treads

Sign of Shreddy Headz

Slick sliders, burm riders

Tech Nicos and chunk gliders

New and Seasoned

Gettin down

Pumpin times higher

Spectators at the finals 

and we all fired

Watch it down to the wire 

real nail biter

Men and women riders grindin

And we’ll never tire

The doctor says it’s due

To our underground desire….


….and I think I caught it  

Is it transmissible?

Oh hell yea

It definitely Is…

Dang, what you gonna do?

Only one thing to do

Off to the Underground Races

Chorus x 2:

Flow Chasers

No no limits

The trails hot

Segment blazers

Till there’s a win

No cold cases

Amateurs, Legends

Clydesdales and Pro Racer

Welcome to the Underground Races

Aaron Alexander Author Onewheel AZ
Written By:

Aaron Alexander

Founder of the Onewheel community in Arizona, Onewheel AZ, Aaron Alexander is passionate about riding Onewheels. You can find him night riding on various trails in Arizona or working to amplify stoke in the community. He is a Shreddy Head, Father of 2, Lucky husband, “Onewheel Rapper”/ M.C., Jokester, and General Crusher. 

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