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Onewheel AZ

An Arizona Onewheel Group

OWAZ is a group for Onewheel riders in Arizona. Our main goal has always been to build an electric rideables community of positive minded individuals that want to explore Arizona and have fun on a Onewheel.

So far it’s been a beautiful ride.

Come join us!

Group Rides

The Onewheel community is one of the best parts of our group. We’re focused on exploring spots that are Onewheel friendly and sharing them. Our group keeps the stoke focused on Onewheel and negative vibes are left to the curb for bonking off.


Our moderators where chosen from active AZ riders that exhibit the desire to help new and less experienced riders. We also worked hard to have mods spread around major areas, so you have a contact that can help get you riding as quickly as possible.


From Wheel and Meals, Slow Rolls, Quick Notice, and Ride Clinics, there is always a Onewheel event or someone ready to ride and help you grow with the team. As Onewheels and Onewheel AZ grows we will continue to explore new events.

Explore Together.
Grow Together.

Whether the forests of Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, deserts of Tucson, or the streets of Phoenix, you can bet there’s a rider out there probing trails, or routes for Onewheel viability, and mapping electric ports to charge. We’re all about exploring and sharing stoke. #FloatTheStokeForward

riding onewheels in the desert trails of Phoenix

If you want to donate and help support Onewheel AZ and its community service goals,
please check out our sponsors page.


Onewheel AZ  puts together events and rides that pay in smiles and comraderie. Visit and Like our page on FB, where you can also request access to the private Facebook group: Onewheel AZ

Wheel and Meal - Group ride

Wheel and Meal

We choose a meet spot, ride to a restaurant, eat/charge/chat, and ride to another destination.

slow roll for new + XR and Pint riders

Slow Roll

Meant for new riders that may be intimidated but still want to meet others and learn. These are rides focused on the new riders experience.

group photo at a Onewheel clinic in Tempe

Onewheel Clinics

From riding, bonks, rail slides, step offs, drops, gear usage, our clinics are meant to inspire and educate new and experienced riders


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Onewheel AZ Member Testimonials

Great group of humans that truly have made my stoke levels explode.

Gary Rosas
OWbra Commander really makes it special! Nice guy that guy.
OWbra Commander
If you want the stoke come join our floats. Prepare to smile.
Michael M.