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Onewheel Repairs and Services in Arizona

If you are in the Phoenix area there are a few riders that do the bulk of services, updates, and repairs for our Onewheels in AZ. Our instate Onewheel mechanics are Matt Doss, who is in the North Phoenix area, and Justin Ostrim who is in the Tempe area. They have helped countless members in Onewheel AZ to upgrade their boards look and fix damaged boards. Matt and Justin are not Stoke Life Service members yet, but from personal experience, they are great Onewheel technicians.

Onewheel Products

upgraded Onewheel with Growler rails, Sidekicks, Flight Fins, Float Plates, Kush hi, and Xtra Rad tire.
Updated Onewheel
  • Tires from brands like Hoosier, Burris, Vega, Flight Fins, Craft and Ride, and The Float Life are commonly carried for + / XR and Pint rims. Tire styles like the T2, Xtra Rad, Vega Treaded, Whisper Slick, and more have been carried and installed by these gents. Be sure to check for current availability.
  • Float Life products from Sidekicks, Fenders, and Float Plates.
  • JO Plates – Light but strong plates made out of 6061 aircraft aluminum
  • Bearings from SKF and FloatLife.
  • VNR Cables and Connectors.
  • Bolts and Controller Parts
  • Badgering is the process of sealing your board from water damage.
  • Griptape from Craft and Ride, Badger, and Float Life.
  • Extended and Concave Footpads from Badger, Float Life, and Craft and Ride.

Onewheel Services

Onewheel services offered in AZ are focused on changes that require upgrades, improvements, and installs. Certain services require the board to be taken apart. Others like grip tape require only grip removal and re-installation. Reach out to them for current pricing and availability.

CBXR install in AZ
Matt Doss and Justin Ostrom installing a CBXR battery upgrade
  • Tire Changes
  • Bearing Changes
  • Battery Upgrades – CBXR and Quart batteries as well as Batteries from J.W.
  • CNR and VNR Upgrades – Increase your range with an external battery
  • Grip Tape Changes
  • Sidekick Application
  • Float Plate Install
  • Foot Pad Install
  • Hub Bolt Tightening
  • Badger Boards – Waterproof your Onewheel
  • Add Steel Inserts – Add steel inserts to make the threads stronger than the standard aluminum inserts that commonly strip from overtightening or get ripped out from Flight Fin tricks.

Onewheel Repairs

Repairs on Onewheels are focused around a few areas which include: controller repairs, BMS repairs, and component repairs.

Finalizing a Badgered board
Re-assembling a Onewheel
  • They can fix your LEDs if your headlight is flickering by updating the ferrite cable to a shielded cable which will reduce the pull on the wires that commonly causes them to rip.
  • They can repair most soldering needs on the BMS and controller, including busted pins and popped MOSFETs.
  • Help diagnose issues from bad hall sensors to footpad sensors that stick.

Justin and Matt are like insurance for your Onewheel and help the bulk of Onewheel AZ members with Onewheel repairs and offer reasonable prices. There are a lot of kind members who are often willing to donate time and help as well. Just post a message in the group, and someone will usually chime in with a list of options to consider.

You can reach out to Matt Doss directly at 602-492-6558

If you want to reach Justin Ostrim, hit up in the FB group and you’re not in the FB Onewheel AZ group, you can also reach them on our new Onewheel AZ Discord server and can read about how we use Discord here.