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Onewheel AZ Discord Server Launches

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Onewheel AZ started in Early 2018 as a Facebook group. It has grown from a couple of riders who met to find a few shreddy spots and is heading towards 2000 members looking for Onewheel group rides in AZ.

Due to Arizona being spread out and the lack of additional functionality within Facebook groups, we decided to fire up a Discord server and start building the Onewheel AZ Discord Community.

Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers”.

Onewheel AZ Discord Community

Our community or “server” is called Onewheel AZ and is intended to facilitate easier communication through focused chats that are broken into these chat categories:

Main OWAZ Chats: These chats are for all riders to unify under. If you want to know what’s going on in the community, you will find it here.

Chats include General, Event, DIY Makers, Repair and Service, Thread of Shred,

City-Based Chats: These chats are focused on finding nearby Onewheel riders in your city or reaching out to riders in other cities to find ride spots and trails to explore if you will be visiting.

Cities include Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Chander, Flagstaff, Gilbert, Glendale, Maricopa, Mesa, Payson, Peoria, Phoenix, Prescott, San Tan, Scottsdale, Sedona, Surprise, Tempe, Tucson, and Yuma.

Area-Based Chats: These chats are broader than specific city chats and are great for when you want to explore on your Onewheel a bit further than your home area but not too far away. Reach out to one of these chats, and you will surely get the downlow and possibly a guide to show you around the next-door neighborhood.

Areas include North Valley, South Valley, East Valley, West Valley, Central Valley, Northern AZ, Southern AZ, and Western AZ.

Ride Preference Chats: These chats are to find the Onewheel riders in your preferred riding style. Find your Trail explorers in the Trail Rides chat or your Extended range battery long-range riders in the Long Rides chat and get tips from like-minded riders or ask to join a ride.

Ride types include Trail, Easy, Long, Night, Day, and Community service.

Onewheel Model Chats: These chats are to find riders by board type. Ask specific board-type questions and get answers from the riders with the experience to answer them. You can also use it to find riders with a similar ride range.

Onewheel models include Onewheel Plus, XR, Extended Range CBXR/VNR/JWXR/Quart, Pint, Pint X, and GT.

Voice Chat Channels: These channels allow riders to have voice chats with 99 members each. OWAZ Lounge is for general Onewheel AZ chats, and Live Ride Coordination can be used by members to coordinate with other members on the day of the live ride.

Voice chat rooms include OWAZ Lounge and Live Ride Coordination

What are OWAZ Discord Roles?

Roles are set up by area type, city type, and board type. They are meant to show off where you ride and what Onewheel you’re riding on.

Other Discord Features

Discord is flexible in that you can use it in a browser, as a desktop app, or mobile app and offers advanced features like video chat and the ability to share your screen, which will be great when coordinating Onewheel routes on RidewithGPS or Strava, as well as general Onewheel education.

There is also an information section that includes helpful sections, including Welcome, Start Here, Roles, Announcements, Rules, Resources, and Questions and Answer rooms.

Stronger Community with Discord

We feel this is the best current platform to allow us to unify together from Northern to Southern AZ as unified Onewheel AZ riders and offer focused rooms that can achieve tighter unity and community.

Safer Community with Discord

It will also allow mods the flexibility to have tighter communication on larger group rides which will aid in safer rides.

OWAZ Discord Conclusion:

We spent a lot of time organizing the OWAZ Discord Server and hope you find it useful, but let us know in the comments if you have a channel or Discord idea you think can help the OWAZ Community!

This is intended for the majority of Onewheel AZ members which reside in the Facebook group. If you would like to join, you can find the link in the Announcements and the About section in the Onewheel AZ Facebook Group.

Aaron Alexander Author Onewheel AZ
Written By:

Aaron Alexander

Founder of the Onewheel community in Arizona, Onewheel AZ, Aaron Alexander is passionate about riding Onewheels. You can find him night riding on various trails in Arizona or working to amplify stoke in the community. He is a Shreddy Head, Father of 2, Lucky husband, “Onewheel Rapper”/ M.C., Jokester, and General Crusher. 

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About OWAZ

Onewheel AZ is the largest group of Onewheel riders in Arizona. We actively support the Onewheel growth of new riders to make one of our favorite activities as fun and as safe as possible. We have events, test and explore routes, and work to build a community that will support future regulations in a responsible manner. If you are filled with Stoke and Love meeting a great group of people, you’re in luck! #OWAZ