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Onewheel AZ Sponsors

The members and businesses that support the Onewheel AZ Community

As the Onewheel continues to grow in popularity, so does the Onewheel AZ community. We are always looking for ways to offer more support to the members as well as increase our ability to throw larger, safer, and ultra fun group events.

If you’re interested in helping support the Onewheel AZ community, please reach out to any of the mods in the group.

2024 Onewheel AZ Community Heroes!

Teri and Corey Carlin, and Jeremiah Stapp were the first members to offer resources and support for the Onewheel AZ  community. Riverbound has been riding with the group since the early days and graciously sending over new Onewheel owners to help grow the group. Jeremiah and his agency were fantastic to have found some viable options to cover your Onewheel with insurance in Arizona. They have also committed resources to help us by purchasing the 2024 Club Account for Ride with GPS giving all AZ members access to trails this community has mapped around Arizona.  

Sports and Paddle

At Riverbound, we’ve enjoyed sharing our passion with stand-up paddleboard owners for the past 10 years offering the best quality gear and lifestyle accessories like longboards, land paddling, and e-skate in Arizona.

We became a certified OneWheel dealer in 2017 and have worked with the local communities to build a scene that’s filled with great riders and positive community values. The OneWheel section in our shop continues to grow stocking all Future Motion accessories.

In 2020, we added killer accessories by Shred Lights, Triple 8, Thousand Helmets and much more! If you’re looking to begin your Onewheel journey in AZ, we’re ready to help you join in the fun! We love what we do the awesome people we meet – and yes, the stoke is real!

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Phone Number:

(480) 463-6686


1425 E. University Dr., Ste. B-102
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Torch Light Compact Propanet Fire Pit

Torch Light

Torch Light Example

Jake Fuller the creator of the Torch Light wanted to support the OWAZ community and the 2024 OWAZ Underground season. The #1 male and female rider will each win a Torch light. I picked up a Torch Light when it launched on kickstarter before I met Jake, and it is one the the coolest ultra light, compact, propane fire pit / campfire available. I’m stoked for the winners this year and appreciate the support from Torch Light. 

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Sam Lara is dad to one of the shreddiest Onewheel riders around, Send It Sam. He is also the kind owner of AC Hero. If you are looking for AC Services in Arizona, I can personally vouch for AC Hero’s professionalism. He has a great team. He is also contributing $1000 dollars to the OWAZ Underground 2024 season. Thank you, you’re more than just our AC Hero!

Hero Ac Services In Arizona

Hero AC

Arizona AC Services

I started in ac in 2000 and worked for someone till 2017 during my time working as an AC technician i was frequently referred to the customers Hero, so in 2017 I decided to make that move . I opened Hero ac & heat llc. The same exact year I purchased my first onewheel me and Sam Jr had seen them and both thought they were the future. Little did we know that he would find a passion in the sport and that me becoming my own boss would allow me to support him in his passion . We ate drank and slept onewheels and in 2019 he thought he’d try his hand in let it ride and came out on top with faster times than pros. Which brings us to now . Still operating buisness with good quality guys behind me who support me and cover me when I’m gone with Sam on his onewheel journey !!

Phone Number:

(520) 518-0754

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Youform Heat Moldable Impact Pads


Heat Modable Impact Pads

Youform Heat Moldable Impact Pads Tail And Hips

Welcome to Youform, where our passion for extreme sports and expertise in medical foam and orthopedic solutions converge to bring you the ultimate in personal protective gear. Born from the real-life experiences and relentless pursuit of innovation by our founder, Derek Wilson, an avid Onewheel rider, Youform is more than just a brand – it’s a revolution in athlete safety and comfort.

Derek’s journey, marked by countless falls and the quest for the perfect protective gear, mirrors the challenges faced by every extreme sports enthusiast. Dissatisfied with the bulky, uncomfortable, and often inefficient options available, he leveraged decades of industry knowledge to create something different – something better. The result is Youform’s pioneering modular, heat moldable slide-in hip and tail pads, designed with the athlete’s body and needs in mind.

At Youform, we understand that protection should never come at the expense of your freedom or style. Our products are engineered by experts in the medical foam and orthopedic market to offer superior protection that molds to your unique shape, ensuring unparalleled comfort and a sleek, unobtrusive fit. Whether you’re carving the streets or exploring rugged terrains, our gear moves with you, offering reliable protection without hindering your performance or style.

We’re not just about safety; we’re about empowering you to do what you do best, with the confidence that you’re supported by the best. Youform is here to revolutionize the way you ride, providing heat moldable and custom-fitted personal protective equipment that looks as good as it performs.

Join us in embracing a new era of personal protection. With Youform, look good, feel good, and ride with confidence, knowing that we’ve got your back every step of the way.

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