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As the Onewheel continues to grow in popularity, so does the Onewheel AZ community. We are always looking for ways to offer more support to the members as well as increase our ability to throw larger, safer, and ultra fun group events.

If you’re interested in helping support the Onewheel AZ community, please reach out to any of the mods in the group.

2022 Onewheel AZ Community Heroes!

Teri and Corey Carlin, and Jeremiah Stapp were the first members to offer resources and support for the Onewheel AZ  community. Riverbound has been riding with the group since the early days and graciously sending over new Onewheel owners to help grow the group. Jeremiah and his agency were fantastic to have found some viable options to cover your Onewheel with insurance in Arizona. They have also committed resources to help us by purchasing the 2022 Club Account for Ride with GPS giving all AZ members access to trails this community has mapped around Arizona.  

Sports and Paddle

At Riverbound, we’ve enjoyed sharing our passion with stand-up paddleboard owners for the past 10 years offering the best quality gear and lifestyle accessories like longboards, land paddling, and e-skate in Arizona.

We became a certified OneWheel dealer in 2017 and have worked with the local communities to build a scene that’s filled with great riders and positive community values. The OneWheel section in our shop continues to grow stocking all Future Motion accessories.

In 2020, we added killer accessories by Shred Lights, Triple 8, Thousand Helmets and much more! If you’re looking to begin your Onewheel journey in AZ, we’re ready to help you join in the fun! We love what we do the awesome people we meet – and yes, the stoke is real!

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All of Arizona including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Apache Junction, Flagstaff, Tucson, Sedona, and more.

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“Have FUN building the Onewheel community in Arizona while shredding at the maximum, but still safe and considerate level.”

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