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Onewheel AZ Group Rides

General Group Ride Rules

Our group rides are public, and all riders join at their own risk. Though if you do decide to join us,  please consider the following:

Wear the appropriate safety gear for you-

We don’t want anyone hurt. Riding has risks, especially around traffic and groups of riders. The typical setup is a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. 

Have Riding Experience (~100 miles)- ( Excluding First Float Saturday and Slow Rolls )

Semi-beginners are welcome, but it’s not the right place for first-time riders. We ride all over Arizona, which can have challenging roads and traffic situations. Safety is a concern with new riders if they’re focused on the basics and not their environment.

Follow Local Traffic Laws-

Most relevant when we are on the roads. We consider safety and our relationship with law enforcement and lawmakers a high priority. 

Ride Casual-

We intend our group rides to be chill; it’s a group ride, not a race. Try to stay in groups and watch out for each other, as it’s more fun and safer. We recommend that experienced riders try to be the last ones to leave each stop (as they can catch up easier than new riders).

Plan Follow-up Rides-

Take a minute and meet other riders, learn about other boards, and then plan a smaller ride that’s more your speed with riders of similar interest and skill level.

*Be Respectful to Each Other-

A lot could be said here, just remember that not everyone may share your interests or views. Our hope is to come together over something we all agree is fun; let’s not ruin it by being divisive to each other. In short, please try to play nice with the other riders.

*Be Respectful of Local Businesses-

Just be courteous and help us create a welcoming culture for our sport here in Arizona. Follow their guidelines for smoking, vaping, music, and outside food or beverage (when in doubt, ask an employee). Just cleaning up after ourselves will go a long way here.

*Respect on the Trails/Bikepaths- 

Outside of group member safety, we must also consider the safety of those around us. Slow down around children, animals, bikers, and anything else that deserves respect. If we are stopped, please move off the path. Share the sidewalks with other outdoor enthusiasts and be careful speeding and weaving when in large groups on alert people if passing on sidewalks. Check out our Onewheel trail etiquette guide for tips

*Respect Onewheel AZ-

When in groups, we represent each other. When in large groups of 20+, we already have heads turning to see what’s going on, excessively shredding the area, and showing off is likely going to make us appear disrespectful and might actually be disrespectful. We all want to have fun so just show extra consideration and make sure the time and place are appropriate. 

*Any violation of respect may result in expulsion from the group.

If you are not in the FB Onewheel AZ Community, you can also join us on our Onewheel AZ Discord server and can read about how we use discord here.

Onewheel AZ Group Ride and Event Calendar