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Onewheel Gear Reviews

Products Reviews of Gear I Love

I consider myself a gadgeteer that loves products and accessories that complement the Onewheel. With over 6 years of close attention to every product that has come out from Future Motion, 3rd Party vendors like The Float Life, Fluxskinz, Craft and Ride, Land-Surf, and Tech Rails, as well as vendors with products that complement the riding experience, like Onewheel safety gear, backpacks, action videography tools, and flashlights, this is where I will share my positive and less than ideal experiences with the many products I have tested. If there is a product you would like tested, or you have a product that you would like to be honestly reviewed, please reach out and let me know. I value sincere and unbiased reviews and hope to provide you with a sense of gear that can help you achieve your riding goals.

Onewheel Safety Gear Reviews

Here I will share reviews of Onewheel safety and protection products as well as product comparisons. Products to be reviewed include Onewheel helmets, wrist guards, chest and shoulder protection, knee and shin protection, and share the gear that protects the rider from common injuries that include minor and major scrapes, concussions, wrist damage, collarbone, rib, and general bone breaks.

Onewheel 3rd Party Vendor Product Reviews

I will share reviews of products I have tested from the vendors that support and create products that complement and protect the Onewheel. Reviews of Onewheel rails, tire sealant, field tools, tires, rail guards, and so much more.

Reviews of Gear for Filming Your Onewheel Ride

Whether it’s an action cam like GoPro, a 360 Cam like Insta360, a Skydio drone, portable stands, tripods, or even lights that help you capture that night rip, I hope to share the gear I can’t live without when recording in the field.

Reviews of Packs for Onewheel Riders

Whether you need an ultra-light sling, hip pack, or backpack for carrying your Onewheel charger, hydration needs, keys, wallets, or film accessories, I am always looking for a stylish and functional pack. Due to various needs, I switch to bags that fit the occasion and have tested a variety of bag types.

Reviews of Batteries to Extend Your Onewheel Rides

The one major thing that kills the Stoke of the Float quickly is a dead battery. Bonding while charging is usually a nice thing, but finding a spot to charge isn’t always easy or viable. I will share the batteries and charging products I have used in the past while exploring the continuously expanding options to keep you riding in the city or off-grid while camping.

Onewheel Maintenence and Protection Reviews

Whether it’s tire protection, tire installation, rail guards, rim protection, motor protection, waterproofing, bearing protection, or even heat protection, this is the section you will find reviews for gear that protects the Onewheel.

Off-Road Trail Gear Reviews

There are always additional gear considerations when it comes to trail riding. You should wear safety gear, but you should also have a flashlight, tools for field repairs, knives for protection from wild animal encounters, or in the AZ Onewheel rider’s case, tools like combs to remove cactus needles.

So Yea, Lots of Onewheel Gear and Product Reviews

If you Love your Onewheel as much as I do, you’ll likely expand the arsenal of accessories and gear you will pick up. I could quite possibly be buried in stickers and FL coozies from years of gear and accessory purchases. If you have a piece of gear that I haven’t had the chance to fully experience or review, let me know and I will try to put it to the test!