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Crowd Jacker

This is the song I wrote to perform at Seek and Shred 2. The beat is fire from Nas’s song, Hip Hop is Dead which is produced by Will I Am. I don’t sell my songs; I’m only posting here for the riders who asked. If there is any issue, please let me know, and I’ll take it down : ] The video is a compilation of shots from the event mixed with my performance at Seek and Shred 2. Crowd Jacker Video of Seek and Shred and Live Performance Crowd Jacker Lyrics Let...

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Onewheel Music

So it’s clear I love Onewheels. Outside of my wife and kids, One of my favorite personal passions is cruising, tricking, exploring, paling with other riders, racing and getting shreddy on Onewheels. I also love hip-hop music and have been performing as an MC since high school in a group called: Ascended Masterz. Due to sharing my time and only so much time, I mainly get to Onewheel these days rather than making beats and writing lyrics, but I’ve found myself inspired and writing...

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Flow Chasers

I love all forms of Onewheel racing: racing with friends, racing against competition, Onewheel Racing League events, which is what Rap for the Rail is about, as well as the Underground Circuit. Flow Chasers is my anthem and ode to the Onewheel Underground Circuit and the riders that love to race in the Underground, like me lol Some background on the lyrics: The Underground Circuit is mainly an idea started between some Cali bros with Stokey ambitions for a more open-style community...

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Let It Ride Song

I performed 3 of my Onewheel songs at Let It Ride 3 this year. I had my Rap For the Rail song since Let It Ride 3 is an ORL regional sanctioned event, my newly recorded Underground racing song, Flow Chasers, and was asked if I could do a little something special for Let It Ride 3. I told him it was short notice to bang out a new beat and lyrics, record, and memorize it, but I would try. Thankfully, I started with the beat and got hyped on that, and the lyrics started flowing. It’s a faster-tempo...

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Rap 4 the Rail R4TR

Rap 4 The Rail – R4TR

Rap 4 the Rail – Race For The Rail Onewheel Song I wrote Rap 4 the Rail as an ode to the competition at Race for the Rail, which is put on by the Onewheel Racing League. I don’t watch a ton of sports, but I have been watching R4TR since its first year, and each year it has gotten better in terms of competition and quality. It truly is my Superbowl, and so many of these riders are humans I admire that also have amazing skills. While this Onewheel song is about racing as a whole,...

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My Onewheel

Hello and Happy Holidays! On this Christmas Eve 2020, I would like to share a Onewheel song I have been working on, simply titled “My Onewheel.” I recorded it yesterday over an original beat from my long-time friend and beat-making savage Seth. This is really for all the Onewheel riders who have ridden enough to understand what this Onewheel addiction is all about. I hope you enjoy this Onewheel Anthem. Happy Holidays from Onewheel AZ. Verse 1:Onewheel AZGot more layersThan...

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