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Mission Statement

“Have FUN building the Onewheel community in Arizona while shredding at the maximum, but still safe and considerate level.”

I’m Aaron Alexander, and when I started Onewheel AZ in 2017, my initial goal was simple, find other Onewheel riders and ride. But from a few, sprouted many, and our group has continually evolved since. I’ve always wanted the group to offer an open, kind, fun, and drama-free environment focused on the Onewheel because it unites us. That goal hasn’t changed.

So What Has Changed About Onewheel AZ?

Put simply—the diversity and amount of riders. We have advanced riders, new riders, Pint riders, Plus riders, XR riders, XR range-extended riders, cruisers, carvers, speeders, daredevils, a few hooligans, some shreddy heads, and those AZ Float Mob cats. A bunch of like-minded riders with various needs. 

How Does Onewheel AZ Meet The Needs Of The Community?

We Built the Stewards of Stoke

We first started by building a moderator squad, filled with stokey and helpful riders. This group of kind stoke spreaders is formally known as the “Stewards of Stoke.” The first wave of MODs was setup as core ride area contacts. Think Tempe, Phoenix, Surprise, etc. If a new rider comes into the group and they are looking if anyone rides in Tempe, we can point them to Justin and Jennifer as they know the area, the routes, and the riders riding in the area. Sharing between each other is the fastest way to get people riding and exploring cool destinations. We currently have Tucson, Flagstaff, and Prescott chapters. We are always thankful for passionate and experienced riders who want to help build the community, especially if your area needs a MOD. Reach out and let us know you are interested.

We Planned Group Rides

Wheel and Meal – The first group ride was a meet at a location, ride to a restaurant, charge, bond, and ride back together. It was always a great group ride until covid hit. Hopefully, we will be as free to ride and eat without as much concern in the future, but we have tried to limit this type of group ride while the pandemic is active for rider safety. 

Slow Roll – Intended on being a ride for new riders still getting their bearings but want to meet other riders to learn from and see board configurations. Typically short and slow to accommodate rider and board type. 

MOD SQUAD – These are rides where an area MOD puts together a ride of their choice to highlight the best an area has to offer. They aren’t always centralized and could be far for some riders, but allow a way to meet the moderators who work hard in an area and explore outside of your typical areas and experience various terrain. These tend to be for riders that are comfortable riding ( 200 miles + under their belt ) and can handle more extended range ( 10-30 mile rides ). These will be set as time and weather permits. They are definitely some of my favorite rides to join, as I love exploring new trails and areas I haven’t experienced as it pushes my personal growth.

First Float Saturday – As part of our 2021 riding schedule, we wanted to add a consistent, super easy ride for any type rider and board type. Intended to be paved 5-mile rides, we will keep them in the Tempe Town Lake and Greenbelt routes to accommodate a larger group. We set them for the first Saturday of the month.

Ongoing Goals

A moderation team and rides are great, but I believe a group of stokey people can do so much more. We hope to do community service events around the communities and trails, and most importantly, keep organizing around the legislation and rules that may affect our future ride abilities. 

Let’s Make A Onewheel Community We’re Proud Of 

I started Onewheel AZ as a way to meet riders and positively grow the scene. The Stewards of Stoke have helped riders smile, learn, and have fun together. We’ve doubled our membership in the last year and continue to grow. We’ve also been gracious and shared AZ trails and spots with riders from around the world. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and I’m excited to see our future. We look forward to meeting you and building a beautiful Onewheel community together. 

Respect and OneLove,

Onewheel AZ