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Crowd Jacker

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This is the song I wrote to perform at Seek and Shred 2. The beat is fire from Nas’s song, Hip Hop is Dead which is produced by Will I Am. I don’t sell my songs; I’m only posting here for the riders who asked. If there is any issue, please let me know, and I’ll take it down : ] The video is a compilation of shots from the event mixed with my performance at Seek and Shred 2.

Crowd Jacker Video of Seek and Shred and Live Performance

Crowd Jacker Lyrics

Let the wheel slap
Unleash your skills
This is Seek and Shred
Where We Shred for Thrills
Gettin ILL like those Hills in Bentonville
Wha wha Wheel Fun Balance
No Time for Spills
Blend of Send and Gratitude
And Stokey Spices
Recipe Priceless
Plus, He gets Nice on the Mic Devices
Service with a smile
May save u in a Crisis
Sky Splits
Get you out a Tight Fit
Trailside, Battery Lifeless
Relax with this Spliff
Watch how the High Hits
As the Treaded Starts Racin
Soundin like Wutang Killa Bees Ragin
Now Throw ya Hands Up
If ya Plan to
Leave the Trails Lit
Onewheel Fire Dancer
Now Throw ya Hands Up cuz ya Have to
Brrrrtttt This is a Come Up
Yea we Get Down Yea Yea we Get Down
And We Won’t Stop Now
Just Gettin Started
On my Mark Kids
Ready Set Go
Let’s Go
Get Down like a Float Life Special
Tricks so Sik
Make you Sneeze as they Bless You
…Shred a Tear
Here’s a Tissue
Gettin Shreddy
Ain’t Never been an Issue….
I’m always Down to Cover Ground
Explore the Scene
No Need To Run Around
Bring my Friends Out
Make some New Ones
Send Tricks Nasty
Call It Gruesome
Hott as Two Suns
Gettin Down
It’s a Hell of a Sun Sext
Flip Style Tricks
Make ya Wonder
What Comes Next
Drink Shredders Choice
Start Doing That Dumb Shit
Hard AF on a Onewheel
And I Came to Get Down
With my Palys in Cali
As you See
It’s a Done Deal
Like Floaty Mcfly
I Just Wanna Ride
Let Me Show Ya What Fun Feels Like
Now Throw Your Hands Up
If You Came and Found
That Shred
That Your’re Seekin After
Now throw ya hands up
Now throw ya hands up
Now throw ya hands up
Cuz Ya Have to
This is a Come Up
Yea we Get Down
Yea Yea we Get Down
This is a Come Up
Throw Ya Hands Up
Throw throw Ya Hands Up

Aaron Alexander Author Onewheel AZ
Written By:

Aaron Alexander

Founder of the Onewheel community in Arizona, Onewheel AZ, Aaron Alexander is passionate about riding Onewheels. You can find him night riding on various trails in Arizona or working to amplify stoke in the community. He is a Shreddy Head, Father of 2, Lucky husband, “Onewheel Rapper”/ M.C., Jokester, and General Crusher. 

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