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Xnito helmet review and 15$ off coupon deal

Xnito Helmet Review: Best Onewheel Helmet or Best E-rideable Helmet Overall?

Are you ready to take your Onewheel or e-bike riding experience to the next level? Look no further than the Xnito helmet, designed specifically for Class 3 PEV riders.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the unique features of this groundbreaking helmet that boasts Dutch NTA 8776 certification, offering a whopping 87% more protection than the US CPSC standard, and rated for speeds up to 28 mph.

Get ready to discover how Xnito combines safety, style, and comfort in a lightweight package.

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this exceptional helmet. We’ll discuss its extended coverage, sleek aerodynamic design, integrated rechargeable LED lights, and lightweight build, and let me tell you, it’s hard to believe it protects so well when you feel how light this helmet is. 

Plus, we’ll check out customer reviews and comparisons with competitors while shedding light on the importance of choosing the right helmet for your e-bike adventures.

So sit back and buckle up – it’s time to dive deep into our Xnito helmet review!

Xnito Overview

Aaron Alexander in his Urbanite helmet by Xnito
Me and my Xnito helmet out on the trails

Looking for a safe and stylish Onewheel helmet that won’t break the bank? You’ve come to the right place!

The XNITO helmet is specifically designed for Class 3 e-bikes, scooters, electric skateboards, and Onewheels. With its sleek design and Dutch NTA 8776 certification, this helmet provides top-notch protection without sacrificing style or comfort.

The XNITO helmet not only meets but exceeds the NTA 8776 safety standard, which means it offers an impressive 87% increase in overall protection compared to the US CPSC standard. This lightweight helmet (weighing just 0.83 lb) covers more of your head with better impact absorption materials than traditional helmets while providing excellent ventilation through its aerodynamic design and strategically placed vents.

With integrated front/rear rechargeable LED lights and a lifetime accident replacement warranty, you can ride confidently knowing you’re well-protected on your journey.

Design and Construction

different views of the Xnito lid
Views of the Xnito Logan and Gull Helmet Models

Diving into the design and construction, you’ll find that it’s truly a marriage of form and function, striking a perfect balance between sleek aesthetics and durable build quality.

The XNITO helmet features an in-molded EPS shell with increased protection around the temples and brain stem, providing greater impact absorption in those vulnerable areas.

Ten strategically placed vents ensure maximum airflow, keeping your head cool while maintaining the helmet’s aerodynamic design.

The integrated front and rear LED lights not only add to the overall style but also serve as essential safety features for visibility on your rides. These rechargeable lights offer up to 10 hours of battery life and are easily charged via USB. I personally Love the rear light when on evening group rides as the riders behind you can see you significantly better than a helmet without the lights.

It also features a removable visor that works great in sunny and bright riding conditions.

Furthermore, the helmet’s adjustable wheel ensures a snug fit while its padded chin strap provides added comfort during extended use.

Weighing in at just 0.83 lb (376 g), this lightweight helmet won’t cause neck fatigue on longer trips – making it an ideal choice for Onewheel and PEV enthusiasts who value both safety and style in their gear.


Being a helmet that offers class-3 protection, I am thankful that they also look stylish and offer customization options.

They initially came in 7 color options:

  1. Urbanite ( Matte Black )
  2. Logan ( Navy and Tan with Orange highlight )
  3. Lightning ( White )
  4. Gull ( Grey and Yellow )
  5. Valkyrie ( Maroon and Yellow with Wing Highlights )
  6. Disco ( Shiny Black and Rainbow )
  7. Hemp ( Tan )
Xnito Helmet Colors And Styles Including New 2023 Fall Colors
Xnito Original 7 Colors and the 2 New Colors for Fall 2023

They added two new colors for the 2023 Fall Season for lovers of Orange and Green:

  1. Dutch ( Orange )
  2. Moss ( Green )


Xnito added a Magnetic FIDLOCK® helmet buckle that is distinguished by its intuitive one-handed use even with gloves on. These buckles blend magnetic and mechanical principles to offer secure and easy helmet fastening for any circumstance. I added this to the style section as I do think it looks great while being ultra useful.

Xnito magnetic FIDLOCK® helmet buckle
Magnetic FIDLOCK® helmet buckle

Removeable Visor

One of my personal favorite features is the removable visor. As a rider in the sunny deserts, I can say that removable visor is amazing. I always wanted a helmet that would fit my starter hat underneath to get the visor protection, but the Xnito helmet has an easy-to-install and swap-out visor that works great. I personally hope they come out with some additional visor options ( colors and patterns ) to really increase the personalization.

Xnito removeable visor
Removeable Visor

Comfort and Fit

When it comes to comfort and fit, you’ll appreciate how the XNITO helmet seamlessly combines functionality with a stylish design that’s perfect for your Onewheel adventures.

The helmet features 10 strategically placed ventilation holes to keep your head cool during those long rides, while the adjustable wheel at the back ensures a snug and secure fit. As mentioned, the padded chin strap adds an extra layer of comfort, making it easier for you to wear it throughout your journey.

One-size-fits-all may sound too good to be true, but XNITO has designed its helmet with fit guidelines that cater to a wide range of head sizes. This means that you can trust this helmet to provide optimal protection without compromising on comfort.

With its lightweight construction, weighing only 0.83 lb (376 g), neck fatigue will be a thing of the past as you enjoy your Onewheel escapades in style and safety.

12 Onehweel riders and 5 have Xnito Onewheel helmets
Almost 50% of the riders in this pick choose an Xnito helmet

Safety Features

Safety features are undoubtedly a top priority for any PEV helmet, and the XNITO doesn’t disappoint in this department. It meets and exceeds the Dutch NTA 8776 certification, offering superior protection compared to standard US CPSC helmets. With more coverage at the temple and back of your head, you can be confident that you’re well-protected during high-speed rides on your Class 3 e-bike or other electric transportation devices.

The XNITO helmet also comes equipped with integrated front and rear rechargeable LED lights. These lights ensure that you remain visible in low light conditions and offer up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. They can easily be recharged using the provided USB charging cable.

In addition to its safety features, the XNITO is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and stylishly designed. It’s an ideal choice for safety-conscious riders who don’t want to compromise on looks or comfort.


Navigating the world of helmet safety standards can feel like a maze, but understanding the key differences between NTA 8776 and MIPS will help you make an informed choice for your e-rideable adventures.

The Dutch NTA 8776 standard is specifically designed for e-bikes, providing more coverage around the temples and back of the head. This offers an 87% increase in overall protection compared to the US CPSC standard.

On the other hand, MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) focuses on reducing rotational forces during angled impacts to minimize brain injuries.

While both NTA 8776 and MIPS serve different purposes in helmet safety, it’s important to consider what kind of protection you need as an e-bike rider.

If you’re riding at higher speeds on Class 3 e-bikes or other electric vehicles, opting for a helmet with NTA 8776 certification like the Xnito may provide better coverage and impact absorption in case of accidents.


Don’t let poor visibility hold you back from enjoying your ride – stay safe and be seen with the right gear.

The Xnito helmet offers excellent visibility features, ensuring that both you and other road users will have no trouble spotting each other in low-light conditions. With integrated front and rear LED lights boasting up to 90 lumens of power, the Xnito helmet allows you to choose from three different light patterns to suit your needs.

These rechargeable lights have a battery life of up to 10 hours and are easily charged via USB. Not only do these integrated lights provide a practical solution for increasing your visibility on the road, but they also add an element of style to the helmet’s overall design.

The Xnito helmet is available in several eye-catching color options, like Logan and Gull, which make it stand out even more during daylight hours. So, whether you’re riding through busy city streets or exploring rugged trails, the Xnito helmet ensures that you’ll always be visible without compromising on aesthetics or performance.


Imagine effortlessly cruising along on your Onewheel, barely noticing the lightweight protection on your head as you enjoy the ride. Weighing in at just 0.83 lb (376 g), the XNITO helmet is designed to alleviate neck fatigue during longer trips, allowing you to focus on the road ahead and truly embrace the PEV experience.

The helmet’s light weight doesn’t compromise its safety features; it still meets and exceeds Dutch NTA 8776 certification while providing more coverage at crucial areas like the temple and back of your head.

So go ahead, ride with confidence, knowing that XNITO has got you covered – quite literally – without weighing you down.


As you glide through the streets on your e-bike, feel the refreshing breeze flow through the strategically placed vents of your protective gear, keeping you cool and comfortable even on those warm summer days.

The Xnito helmet is designed with 10 meticulously positioned ventilation holes to maximize airflow without compromising safety. This perfect balance is crucial in maintaining your riding enjoyment and preventing overheating during those long rides.

1. Enhanced comfort:

The well-thought-out vent placement ensures that fresh air continuously circulates around your head, providing a cooling effect that significantly enhances overall comfort.

2. Reduced perspiration:

As the airflow increases, it helps wick away sweat from your forehead and scalp, reducing any discomfort caused by excessive perspiration.

3. Uninterrupted focus:

With optimal ventilation in place, you can keep your mind focused on enjoying the ride rather than being distracted by heat or sweat buildup.

The Xnito helmet not only offers outstanding protection but also keeps you feeling refreshed as you cruise along on your Onewheel journey.

Don’t let discomfort hold you back; enjoy every moment of your ride with confidence and ease thanks to this innovative helmet design!

Noise Reduction

Experience the tranquility of your rides as you fully immerse yourself in the journey without any distractions. The well-designed noise reduction features in your protective gear allow you to do just that.

The XNITO helmet boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance and minimizes noise. With its 10 strategically placed vents, this helmet not only provides optimal airflow for ventilation but also ensures that any potential wind noise is minimized.

So, go ahead and gear up with confidence. Your XNITO helmet will keep you both safe and comfortable while minimizing distractions from wind noise on all of your e-riding adventures.


You’ll find that the $150 price tag on the XNITO helmet is well worth it for the extensive safety features, superior comfort, and noise reduction capabilities it provides.

Not only does this helmet meet and exceed the rigorous Dutch NTA 8776 certification standards, but it also offers more coverage at the temple and back of the head with better impact absorption materials. This makes it a perfect choice for Class 3 PEV riders who require enhanced protection when traveling at higher speeds.

Additionally, the XNITO helmet boasts an impressive list of features, such as integrated front/rear rechargeable LED lights with up to 10 hrs battery life, fully ventilated design with strategically placed vents for maximum airflow, and a lightweight construction to alleviate neck fatigue during longer trips

With all these benefits combined in one stylish package, you can rest assured knowing that you’re investing in high-quality protective gear that will keep you safe on your e-vehicle adventures.

As a thank you to the Onewheel AZ community being so stokey and trying to build a healthy Onewheel community, Xnito is offering our readers an Xnito helmet coupon code for $15 off the price. Simply use our link they have provided us and you will receive the discount at the checkout. While the safety, quality, and benefits of the helmet easily exceed the value of its full price, this definitely helps with the cost and makes it the best Onewheel helmet you can buy.

Xnito Helmet Discount

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Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve covered the price of the Xnito helmet, let’s dive into its pros and cons to give you a better understanding of whether this helmet is right for your needs.

One of the major advantages of the Xnito helmet is its adherence to the Dutch NTA 8776 certification, providing an increased level of protection compared to standard helmets. This means you can feel safer while riding at higher speeds ( rated for 28mph ) on your Onewheel.

The integrated front and rear LED lights also add visibility in low-light conditions, increasing overall safety. Additionally, customers have praised this helmet for its lightweight construction, comfortable fit, and stylish design options.

However, there are a few drawbacks worth considering as well. Some users have expressed concerns about the lack of rotational force-dampening features commonly found in other premium helmets (such as MIPS technology). Moreover, it has been noted in other Xnito helmet reviews that instructions regarding charge status for lights and visor attachment could be more user-friendly, but I personally didn’t experience any issues in these areas.

Despite these shortcomings, many riders still find great value in the Xnito helmet due to its unique combination of safety features and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Xnito durability compare to other helmets in the market?

When it comes to durability, you can confidently trust the Xnito helmet to keep up with other helmets in the market. It’s solid construction and high-quality materials provide long-lasting protective gear for your PEV and Onewheel rides. It’s also one of the only helmets on the market that is rated for 28mph. While this may not be the best EUC helmet due to some models reaching speeds that surpass 28mph, it easily covers the speed range of class 3 e-vehicles like ebikes, Onewheels, and mid-range Scooters. 

With its lightweight design and integrated LED lights for increased visibility, you’ll find that the Xnito helmet is a reliable choice when comparing it to other options out there.

So go ahead, and embrace safety and style while enjoying peace of mind on your riding journeys.

Are there any additional accessories or replacement parts available for the helmet?

Yes, there are additional accessories and replacement parts available for your Xnito helmet.

A value-priced 25$ winter liner can be purchased for added warmth during colder weather rides. This is by far one of my favorite accessories for the dry, but bone-chilling desert night rides in the AZ winter.

Xnito winter liner accessory
Xnito winter liner accessory

You can also get additional visors or chin straps if you happen to damage yours.

By having these accessories and replacement parts readily available, you can ensure that your Xnito helmet remains comfortable and functional for many rides to come.

How should I properly maintain and clean my Xnito to ensure its longevity?

To ensure your Xnito helmet stays in pristine condition and serves you well for years to come, it’s vital to give it the TLC it deserves.

Start by keeping your helmet away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures when not in use, as these factors can compromise its integrity.

Regularly inspect your helmet for any cracks, dents, or wear and tear that may affect its performance.

When cleaning, gently wipe down the exterior with a soft cloth and mild soap solution, being careful not to soak the helmet or damage the EPS foam liner.

For the interior padding and straps, remove them if possible and hand wash using mild detergent before air drying completely.

Finally, charge the integrated LED lights as needed, following the manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain optimal battery life.

By taking these simple steps, you’ll keep your Xnito helmet looking sharp while ensuring maximum protection on every ride!

Is the Xnito compatible with other third-party mounts or attachments, such as action cameras or visors?

The Xnito helmet may not be specifically designed to accommodate third-party mounts or attachments, such as action cameras or visors. However, you can still try using adhesive mounts or straps that are compatible with your desired accessory.

Be sure to carefully follow the attachment instructions provided by the accessory manufacturer and ensure a secure fit before embarking on any rides. Keep in mind that adding such attachments may affect the helmet’s aerodynamics, comfort, and potentially its safety features, so use caution when making modifications.

What is the warranty policy for the Xnito, and how does the lifetime accident replacement warranty process work?

Just like a safety net for tightrope walkers, the Xnito helmet’s warranty policy has got you covered.

You’ll be happy to know that the Xnito helmet comes with a lifetime accident replacement warranty.

In case of an unfortunate event where your helmet is damaged in an accident, simply reach out to Xnito’s customer support team with details and pictures of the damage.

They’ll guide you through the process of getting a replacement at no additional cost, ensuring your peace of mind as you continue to enjoy your e-bike adventures.

group of onewheel riders in helmets
Is Xnito the Best Onewheel Helmet? I believe it is!


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to elevate your riding experience to unimaginable heights with the Xnito helmet.

You’ll feel like a superhero zipping through the streets, all while being protected by this extraordinary piece of gear.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity! With unmatched safety features and a sleek design, the Xnito helmet will have you turning heads and riding confidently in no time.

Say goodbye to mediocre helmets and hello to the future of Onewheel helmet protection!

Xnito Discount

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