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Can you protect your Onewheel with insurance?

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Protect your Onewheel from theft and damage

The Onewheel is one of my favorite devices to ride on. It’s also $2, 000 worth of machinery and I always want to make sure it’s protected from theft and damage. Jeremiah who is one of our members works in the insurance industry and was kind enough to look into various ways to cover your Onewheel. He shared information to help you with your considerations, and has also made himself available to answer any questions you may have regarding “Onewheel insurance”. I will let Jeremiah take it from here.

The type of coverage you should look for

It’s essential to remember that the type of coverage you’re going to find for this item isn’t going to work the same way as a factory warranty would – if you’re using a OneWheel and it fails under warranty, you’ll want to contact the company you purchased it from or Future Motion for more specific information. The good news is that, depending on your insurance carrier, you may be able to protect a Onewheel through your Homeowner’s or Renter’s Personal Property coverage. They typically protect against a vast array of losses – making this type of coverage objectively superior.

How to find out if your insurance policy covers your Onewheel

  1. Look at the policy back (or policy jacket) of your Homeowner’s or Renter’s policy.
  2. Speak with licensed and certified representatives in your insurance company including but not limited to Underwriters, Claims Adjusters, and Product Experts versed in the specific types of items covered under the Personal Property portion of your policies.
  3. Make sure these conversations are documented on both sides, there is a recording or transcript of this “Service Request”, and make sure you have them verify that your specific OneWheel (with or without custom parts) is included in your policy’s coverages.
  4. Verify this is not classified as a self-propelled electric vehicle with your company, most carriers do not accept this as a risk and may deny coverage as a result.

What if you don’t have insurance?

You can simplify the process by writing your insurance policy with a company that has verified coverage for this type of personal property.

A few considerations:

  • With a select few insurance carriers – the Onewheel is categorized as personal property that is covered, and because we are appointed with those carriers, we can write that type of policy for you.
  • For Home products through these carriers, Personal Property coverage covers the loss of your personal belongings, owned or used anywhere in the world – subject to the policy limits and conditions, and subject to claims investigation.

If you’re interested in learning more or finding out more ways to effectively protect your OneWheel – Reach out to us and we are more than happy to walk you through finding out if coverage is provided through your current carrier, or show you insurance options we have been successful at writing.

Onewheel AZ Thanks the Jeremiah Stapp Agency!

I would like to personally thank Jeremiah and the Jeremiah Stapp Agency for looking into the possibility of covering a Onewheel with insurance and providing our member’s shortcuts to looking into their own carriers, or even helping our members find coverage with viable options that you and your team have found. Thank you so much! If anyone has any questions please reach out to Jeremiah and his team at the Jeremiah Stapp Agency at 928-504-5444.

Aaron Alexander Author Onewheel AZ
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Aaron Alexander

Founder of the Onewheel community in Arizona, Onewheel AZ, Aaron Alexander is passionate about riding Onewheels. You can find him night riding on various trails in Arizona or working to amplify stoke in the community. He is a Shreddy Head, Father of 2, Lucky husband, “Onewheel Rapper”/ M.C., Jokester, and General Crusher. 

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