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Battery Bern

The Battery Bern

At Onewheel AZ we love to explore and shred, but also share some jokes! Having the ability to extend your ride time significantly through an extended range battery like the CBXR, allows you to leave range anxiety in the dust. In comparison, the stock battery leaves you waiting while you charge more often. I’d like to call this snobbish Onewheel joke….The Battery Bern. Top photo shows a group of CBXR riders exploring the Sonoran deserts without a charger or concern for power. The below pic shows my board and Bernie Sanders in mittens waiting to charge. This is again a joke. Though the extended batteries do offer reduced range anxiety, I will still shred a stock battery and vega any day of the week. We live for shredding and also poking fun!

The Battery Bern Onewheel Joke

Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander started Onewheel AZ on August 14th, 2017 shortly after getting his pre-order Onewheel Plus as a way to form group rides and unite other riders to explore AZ by Onewheel.