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How to Record a Ride in Ride Hermes

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If you want to be able to create segments, you will first need to record a ride. The guide below will walk you through the steps on how to record a ride in Ride Hermes.

Recording a Ride Steps

Step 1 – Press Record

From the homescreen press the Record button and It will take you to the map view and load nearby trails.

Step 1 Hermes League Home Mobile Record Highlighted

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Step 2 – Wait for Trails to Load

Wait until the trails are loaded before you start recording. ( Mark the developer says you can hit record without needing to wait on the trails to load : ] I personally, still wait the few seconds, just in case )

Step 2 Ride Hermes Record Ride Loading Trails

Step 3 – Start Recording

Once trails are loaded, Press the Green Record button to start recording.

Step 3 Ride Hermes Record Ride Ready

Tip: If you are recording a ride to create a segment, be sure to give yourself an extra 10 ft on the front and end of your recording. You can always use less but you would have to go back and re-record to get more trail.

Step 4 – Ride Your Path

If you see the time counting and the distance recording, you are good to start riding.

Step 4 Ride Hermes Record Ride Started

Step 5 – Press Pause

Press Pause to pause the recording. It will bring up the menu to Resume or Save.

Step 5 Ride Hermes Record Ride End Of Ride

Step 6 – Press Save

Press the Save Button to get to the Ride Details Page

Step 6 Ride Hermes Record Ride Resume Save

Step 7 – Fill in Ride Details and Upload Ride

Fill in the ride details. You don’t need to save it again after you fill in the details, just press “Upload Ride” to finalize the process.

Step 7 Ride Hermes Record Ride Enter Details

Title: Create a ride name

Description: Create a ride description

Vehicle: Choose the vehicle you rode.

Vehicle Note: Depending on what vehicle you used and the vehicles allowed on a given segment, you would have to have that qualification to show up on the leaderboards.

Step 8 – Wait for it to Upload

You will see an upload screen that could take 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on signal strength and speed.

Step 8 Ride Hermes Record Ride Saving

Step 9 – Ride Recorded

Congrats, your first ride is recorded.

Step 9 Ride Hermes Record Ride Recorded

Next Step: Turn Good Rides Into Segments

If the ride is one you enjoy, isn’t too crowded, or dangerous, consider turning it into a Segment. Be sure to check out the how to create a segment guide for detailed instructions. Once a Segment is created, it will calculate how long it took you to do the Segment in your recorded ride, and put you as the first rider on the Leaderboards for that Segment.

Segment Leaderboards

I hope this helps you understand the nuances of Recording a Ride in Ride Hermes. If you have any questions, give me a shout in the comments and I will help you out! Good luck and may the stoke be with you! #RideHermes #TheUnderground #OnewheelUnderground #UndergroundRacing

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