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OWAZ Underground Racing Circuit 2024

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Onewheel AZ Underground Racing Circuit – Season 2 – Begins in March 2024

Owaz Underground Racers
Onewheel AZ

While the Underground Circuit has been growing since 2020, with the move from Strava ( Ice Skating ) to the dedicated Ride Hermes app, 2024 will be the 2nd year OWAZ Underground sets segments on fire and we couldn’t be more excited to see riders pushing their growth.

These segments are fast and flowy, with a touch of technical, and some chunk amongst butter. Onewheel AZ or OWAZ Underground is not responsible for riders’ decisions on the trail. Rangers may or may not be friendly. Be careful of Mountain bikers, hikers, Horse riders, and general desert life including snakes. We wish everyone fun times, in a way where you can safely shred as a considerate steward of stoke.

Look Out for Rattlesnakes

We added 5 new segments around North Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and Surprise. These trails are fan-favorite spots like Deems, Apache, and Papago. While the Hawes has become a fan favorite, White Tanks is a treasured burn in our segment community. Whether you take on the downhill bomb of Scorpion or the speedy rip of Crazy Cactus, you will be guaranteed an adrenaline burst followed by smiles. Let’s dive deeper into these trails.

The OWAZ Underground Season 2 Starts on March 1st, 2024 and End on May 31st, 2024

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The 2024 OWAZ Underground Circuit Trails

This year, we consolidated the driving to five trail systems: three trails each at Deems, Apache, and Hawes and two single trails at Papago Park and the White Tanks.

OWAZ Underground Segment Trail Names:


  • Speed Whoops S1
  • Fire Connector S2
  • Mountain Breaker S3


  • Nothin But Butta S1
  • Carefree Burnout S2
  • Crazy Cactus S3


  • Maricopa Madness S1
  • Wild Horse Pass S2
  • Scorpion S3

White Tanks:

  • Burner


  • Papa Choad

Apache Trail System

Apache Trail System 1
Apache Segments with connector trails in yellow

A favorite trail system that was one of the first that OWAZ riders started hitting on the Onewheel + in 2018, before treaded tires for Onewheels existed. You will ride through to the wash, which used to have a root that was a rite of passage for many a night riding new blood. Rangers may or may not be friendly. Be careful of Mountain bikers, hikers, Horse riders, and general desert life including snakes.


Apache – Nothin But Butta – S1

Apache Nothin But Butta Underground Circuit Map

Nothin but Butta at Apache – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 1.02 miles
  • Flows fast on the edge of a dried-up canal. Fun with a hint of thank goodness I was paying attention chunk.
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.782567, -112.042959
  • Nothin But Butta – Segment 1 starts where the trails merge next to the trail post.
  • Nothin But Butta – Segment 1 stops at the tree before you get to Segment 2 Start
  • Note: You will take this trail in reverse to get to Crazy Cactus

After you navigate from the 14th st parking spot and cross the wash, you will find the entry to Nothin But Butta segment near the trail post after the wash. This trail is fast with a few spots where you have to pay attention to rocks in the ground. It follows along a dry canal path and ends before the beginning of Carefree Burnout which is segment 2.

Apache – Carefree Burnout – S2

Carefree Burnout at Apache – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 0.95 miles
  • Fun flow with some switchbacks, straightaways, and a couple that was close puckers for good measure
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.793358, -112.034275
  • Carefree Burnout – Segment 2 starts next to the trail that you loop through after Segment 2
  • Carefree Burnout – Segment 2 stops at the wash before the hill climb

With a mix of tight turns, fast lines, and random chunk, you will be pushed to the limits on Carefree Burnout!

Apache – Crazy Cactus – S3

Crazy Cactus at Apache – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 0.45 miles
  • Burner through and through
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.776318, -112.046870
  • Crazy Cactus – Segment 3 starts at the trail next to cactus
  • Crazy Cactus – Segment 3 ends back at the section near the trail to Segment 1

A Fast and Flowy burnout on the way back to the parking spot. The start is at the beginning of a famous multi-armed cactus, where many group shots have been taken.

Summer group ride at Apache. Picture taken at the Prickly Ballerina

She lost a limb in the desert heatwave of 2023 but still stands tall and proud, watching as onewheel racers ride on to glory against the Crazy Cactus.

Deems Trail System

Deems is a fantastic piece of state trust land, a no-mans land for desert shredders. Although many don’t test the inner depths of Deems, the Onewheel is the perfect companion for getting around the 6-20 miles of trail system you could take while playing around there. I see rock crawlers, mountain bikes, motoX, and animals. You will also find one of the most unique and diverse deserts filled with beautiful sections and technical spots that will challenge the mightiest of riders. From Speed Whoops, you continue through the washes and to the fire road. Turn right and the entrance to Fire Connector is on the left. After you complete the Fire Connector and just past the desert berm on the left, you will find the entrance to Mountain Breaker. Be careful of Mountain bikers, Hikers, Horse riders, and general desert life, including snakes.


Deems Trail System
Deems Segments and connector trails in yellow

Deems – Speed Whoops – S1

Speed Whoops at Deems – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 0.51 miles
  • Burner with a few intermediate fun technical sections
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.736237, -112.170495
  • Segment 1 starts at the bushes
  • Segment 1 ends before the first major wash

Speed Whoops is a furious burner with a few technical aspects. A favorite trail to rip multiple times. It starts at the entrance of the bushes and goes too right before the first significant wash. I took a lousy dive at 24mph and wrecked my shoulder here, but thanks to my Xnito helmet, my favorite Onewheel helmet, I was saved from a savage concussion. This trail is still one of my faves. Long Live the Speed Whoops

Deems – Fire Connector – S2

Deems Fire Connector S2 Map Underground Circuit Owaz 1

Fire Connector at Deems – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 0.44 miles
  • Slight Incline
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.745058, -112.189125
  • Generally, follow left lines
  • Fire Connector – Segment 2 starts at trail spilt on the left of the fire road
  • Fire Connector – Segment 2 stops before you cross into the desert berm area

This is a fun segment, but far from the best. It’s mainly a connector road to the excellent Segment 3, but there are some technical spots to refine skill and some sections you can catch speed on. It starts shortly after the connecting path from Segment 1 hits the fire road. It ends before you cross into the open section with the desert berm on the left. Take a breather, hit that berm a few times, and past the desert berm on the left is the entrance to segment 3, aka the Mountain Breaker.

Deems – Mountain Breaker – S3

Deems Mountain Breaker S3 Map Underground Circuit Owaz

Mountain Breaker at Deems – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 0.44 miles
  • Slight Inclines, and declines
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.752141, -112.188128
  • Generally, follow left lines around the mountain
  • Mountain Breaker – Segment 3 starts at the trail just past the desert berm on the left
  • Mountain Breaker – Segment 3 stops before you cross back into the desert berm area

The Mountain Breaker segment kicks ass. Right after the start, you have a rolling drop-in to various berms and lines to find. The major turn is after the 2-foot drop that you will likely recognize. After the drop, you will crawl a small hill, and the turn is almost an immediate sharp left. You will continue, and there will be a turn off to the right, but stay left and head up the technical path uphill with some fun chunk you can blast through. You will take the downhill which is the complete loop around the desert berm.

Hawes Trail System

I’m not sure if Hawes is quite the anything-goes like Deems, but word is the Rangers are excellent as long as you’re not being obnoxious vandals : ] It’s worth it in my book to hit these fantastic trails. Near the Salt River and straight dastardly fun, Hawes never disappoints. Rangers may or may not be friendly. Be careful of Mountain bikers, hikers, Horse riders, and general desert life, including snakes.


Hawes Trail System
Hawes Segments and connector trails in yellow

Hawes – Maricopa Madness – S1

Hawes Maricopa Madness Map Owaz Underground Circuit

Maricopa Madness at Hawes – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 1.05 miles
  • Technical Burner
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.505319, -111.616338
  • Maricopa Madness – Segment 1 starts at the trail on the left near the parking lot
  • Maricopa Madness – Segment 1 stops before you hit the road to cross to Segment 2

Maricopa Madness is a technical challenge for the rider who still wants to feel the wind in their hair. Steep drops, climbs and a little bit of air time amid tight turns and speedy rips make this trail an adrenaline rush for riders of all skill levels.

Hawes – Scorpion – S2

Scorpion at Hawes – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 2.18 miles
  • 2+ miles of glorious downhill grind.
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.517009, -111.623934
  • Scorpion – Segment 2 starts at the top of the trail on the left near the parking lot
  • Scorpion – Segment 2 stops before you hit the road and turn to get to Segment 3

Scorpion Trail is the jewel of the East Valley. This is the longest trail in the underground, and for good reason. Flying through the desert at blistering speeds and carving hard on berms gives true meaning to the term “dirt surfing” and will have you begging for more. Highly Rated Fun!

Hawes – Wild Horse Trail – S3

Hawes Wild Horse Trail Map Owaz Underground Circuit

Wild Horse Trail at Hawes – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles: 1.19 miles
  • You’re gonna like what you get. Pre-run recommend
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.522281, -111.635606
  • Wild Horse Trail – Segment 3 starts at the trail you connect to from Segment 2
  • Wild Horse Trail – Segment 3 stops at the end and you head back to the parking

Wild Horse Trail resides in the heart of the Hawes trail system and represents much of what the area has to offer. Meandering burners and technical features give this trail an exciting variety that will keep riders on their toes. About a third of the way through the trail riders will come to a tight left-hand turn followed by a difficult chunky descent into a wash. It is advised to do a prerun on this trail up to this point, as this feature can be surprising to first-time visitors.

Papago Park Trail System


Papago – Papa Choad

  • Miles:  0.9 miles
  • One of the most fun and technical trails in Tempe.
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.454198, -111.953997
  • Papa Choad starts near the parking lot.
  • Papa Choad stops before you get to the concrete near the fence.

This is a desert rip that is another fan favorite. It is near ASU in Tempe and is across the street from the Phoenix Zoo. It is fast, with some drops, chops, dips, and loads of excitement. The name Papa Choad is a term of endearment from AZ Legends Champion Zachary Zinn.

White Tanks Trail System


White Tanks – Burner

White Tanks Burner Map Owaz Underground Circuit

Burner at White Tanks – OWAZ Underground Trail Ride Through

  • Miles:  1.17 miles
  • A Westside Burner with loads of additional trails nearby.
  • Segment Start GPS Coordinates: 33.637549, -112.470025
  • White Tanks Burner starts near the tree after you cross the ramp from the parking lot.
  • White Tanks Burner stops before you get to the fence

Our 11th trail is none other, than the White Tanks Burner, which is, a Surprise special. It is the entryway to the White Tanks trail system and is a favorite to many AZ Riders. #ShreddyHeadz

OWAZ Underground 2024 Prize Sponsors

This year we have a lot of great local businesses supporting our Arizona community. Sam Lara ( Send It Sams Dad ) and Hero AC are dropping $1000 in cash prizes. We also have another local business named Tripod Torch sponsoring two of their ultra-portable propane fire pits. Craft & Ride is sponsoring two 50$ Gift Cards, and YouForm is sponsoring some of their heat moldable impact pads. We also have our friends from Riverbound Sports who have been Onewheel AZ consistent community friends since early 2018. I Love you all and feel honored they are helping stoke the community. We have more prizes to come, so keep an eye out. If you are looking to sponsor a prize for the OWAZ Underground, please contact us.

Regardless of age, weight, board type, or skill level, riders from around the world will come to Arizona this year to race the segments and lay their claim to the title. Good luck to all the riders. Will you take the OWAZ Underground Circuit 2024?

Owaz Ug 2023 Season Finalists And Top 20
OWAZ 2023 Top 20 Finalists


If you need a better understanding of how to set up a circuit, the rules, leaderboards, or points, check out our Underground Onewheel Racing Guide.

Flow Chasers – Onewheel Underground Racing Song

Flow Chaser

Thank you for reading this post about the 2024 Onewheel AZ Underground Onewheel Racing Circuit. If you enjoy the thrill and danger of racing Onewheels, this Underground Onewheel racing song or this ORL Onewheel racing song should make you smile, and if you are looking for the main racing season by Future Motion, check out our Onewheel Racing League guide.

Aaron Alexander Author Onewheel AZ
Written By:

Aaron Alexander

Founder of the Onewheel community in Arizona, Onewheel AZ, Aaron Alexander is passionate about riding Onewheels. You can find him night riding on various trails in Arizona or working to amplify stoke in the community. He is a Shreddy Head, Father of 2, Lucky husband, “Onewheel Rapper”/ M.C., Jokester, and General Crusher. 

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