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Underground Onewheel Racing Guide

Imagine the wind in your hair, the ground beneath you a blur, and the sound of your heart pounding in your ears as you race against the clock on your trusty steed, as I call my Onewheel. Welcome to the exhilarating world of Underground Onewheel Racing, where speed demons and trailblazers come together to showcase their skills in a thrilling and fierce competition.

You, the daredevil Onewheel enthusiast, are about to embark on an electrifying journey into the underground racing circuit, powered by the free Ride Hermes app and driven by a passionate community.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into this unique racing experience, exploring the ins and outs of the rules, race classes, and how you can join or even start your own Underground League.

So, strap on your helmet, tighten your kneepads, and get ready to dive (NOT Nosedive ) into Underground Onewheel Racing!

Flow Chasers – Onewheel Underground Racing Song

The Underground Circuit

The thrilling world of the Underground Circuit is where you’ll experience races and connect with a passionate community of riders.

This unique Onewheel racing competition utilizes a GPS phone tracking app called Ride Hermes to create organized ‘Leagues’, which can group ‘trail segments’ that are raced for a designated time ( typically 3 months ) during a ‘Season’. You only need a Onewheel, mobile phone, and the Ride Hermes app to find Underground Trails and race against fellow Onewheel enthusiasts in your local circuit or one you are passing through.

Record your rides and race as much as you want. Your fastest time is automatically recorded on the live Underground Leaderboard in the app.

The Underground Circuit offers various race classes, including Men’s, Women’s, Legends (50+), and Clydesdale (+200lbs), ensuring that riders of all ages and abilities can participate.

The top three riders from each validated “Underground League” will be invited to the live Underground Finals to race against the fastest riders and compete for prizes and trophies.

So, gear up, download the Ride Hermes app, and join the exhilarating world of Underground Onewheel Racing. Don’t miss the chance to challenge yourself, improve your skills, and be part of a vibrant and supportive community!

How to Participate in the Underground Circuit

The app allows you to find nearby trails and race segments at your own pace. Each ride you record automatically posts your times to the leaderboards. You can race in as many Leagues Seasons as you want, but your points will be based on what you did for each Season.

To participate in race classes, select your vehicle, gender, age, and weight in the Ride Hermes App. Ensure your information is accurate at the start of the season. Note: You WILL NOT show on a Season Leaderboard if you do not have a vehicle set as your default or manually save your vehicle at the end of a ride when saving. i.e. OWAZ Underground 24 is set to Onewheel as the only vehicle allowed, without designating you rode a Onewheel on a ride or not having a Onewheel set as the default, the leaderboard won’t show you. You can go back and edit a ride to save a vehicle if you didn’t have one initially set.


Riders can race as many times as they want on the designated season segments and accumulate points based on their rank for each trail. Most leagues use the best-of-seven trail point system.

To improve your overall standing, you can improve your time and increase points throughout the Season. Remember that rankings on trails and the leaderboard can change quickly, but all times and points are final at the designated Seasons closing date.

The top riders from each class in each League will be invited to the Underground Finals, where they can win additional prizes, trophies, and glory.

So gear up, hit the trails, and join the thrilling Underground Onewheel racing community!

What is a Season?

A season in the Underground is a designated period that a League decides. It is typically around three months long, giving you plenty of time to compete and rack up points in your pursuit of the W.

Depending on the League, your season could start at the beginning of the year or start later due to the weather. The East Coast usually still deals with snow and damp ground, while the West Coast tries to finish before the summer heat.

How the Leaderboards Work?

Eager to see where you stand among fellow riders? Let’s explore how the leaderboards work to showcase your progress and achievements!

The Ride Hermes app is instrumental in keeping track of your performance on each trail, automatically updating the live Underground Leaderboard with your fastest time. As you race more trails and improve your times, you’ll accumulate more points, boosting your overall ranking in the Circuit Leaderboard.

Keep in mind a few key aspects of the leaderboards:

  • Your seven trails with the highest point value are totalled in the Leaderboard, so focusing on improving your performance in those trails can significantly impact your ranking.
  • Rankings can change quickly throughout the Season, so staying active and competitive is essential.
  • All times and points become final on the Circuit’s Session closing date/time, so give your best effort before the session ends!

By understanding how the leaderboards work, you can strategize your races and focus on the trails that will earn you the most points. Stay determined, race hard, and watch your name climb the Underground Onewheel racing community ranks!

The Underground Racing Point System

One of my favorite parts of the Underground Circuit is the point system used. There are two ways to raise your scores in the competition. The easiest way is to dominate 1st place and get 10 points, of course, but you can also raise your ranking as other riders points lower. If there is a tie, both riders will share the higher points. So if you and another rider tie for first, you will each get 10 points. There will be a placeholder for 2nd place, and the next best time will be for 3rd place. If one of the two tied riders gets a faster time, the tie ends and the slower rider gets shifted to 2nd place and would ‘lose’ a point from 10 to 9. Additionally, because only your top 7 trail times are counted, you could perform better on one of the other trails outside of that 7 and move up that way. It’s a unique system that allows fun, strategy, and competition.

Let’s take a look at the points:

How the Underground Onewheel Racing Points Work

Underground Onewheel Racing Rules

Familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines to ensure fair competition and an enjoyable experience for all participants!

First, you’ll need to know the different race classes, including Men’s, Women’s, Legends (50+), and Clydesdale (+200lbs). As for equipment, any Onewheel with modification is allowed, including various rail types, tires, fins/overlanders, or even VESC boards with modified batteries and controllers.

Time validation is another important aspect, and you can request validation for any Ride Hermes time in question through data review, video evidence, witnesses, or a re-race.

Understanding the course layout and racing as designed is crucial. Deviating from the course or ‘gaming’ the trail is not allowed, and any race times that don’t meet the course requirements will be removed. Also, be aware of potential GPS errors and how to get the most from your app and phone tracking to limit the possibility of lost times.

Be prepared for the consequences of violating the rules, which can range from having your race times removed to disqualification for the day or even removal from the season. Stay on track, follow the rules, and have a blast racing in the Underground Onewheel world!

The Difference Between the Onewheel Racing League and Underground Circuit

Curious about the distinctions between the Onewheel Racing League and Underground Circuit? Let’s delve into their unique features and explore what sets them apart in the exhilarating world of electric Onewheel competitions.

While both leagues involve Onewheel racing, they operate differently and cater to various rider preferences.

The Onewheel Racing League (ORL) is a more formal and structured competition put on by the Onewheel creators Future Motion, typically held at designated locations with set race courses and events. Riders in ORL compete head-to-head in a series of heats to determine the overall winners.

In contrast, the Underground Circuit focuses on a more flexible, community-driven approach where participants race on designated GPS-based trails using the Ride Hermes app. Here are some key differences between the two:

ORL ( Onewheel Racing League ):

  • Structured events with set locations and race courses
  • Head-to-head competition in a series of heats

The Underground Circuit

  • Community-driven with designated GPS-based trails
  • Flexible racing using the Ride Hermes app for tracking and ranking

The Underground Circuit allows riders to compete at their own pace during a Season, racing as much as they want on various trails and accumulating points based on their performance. The top riders from each League are invited to the live Underground Finals to race against the other league’s fastest riders.

The ORL, on the other hand, focuses on specific events and locations where riders compete in a more traditional tournament-style format.

Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your preference for racing style, location, and level of competition. I prefer them all!

Starting a League

Now that you understand the difference between the Onewheel Racing League and the Underground Circuit, you might want to start a League of your own. Setting up a League allows you to engage with your local Onewheel community and organize exciting races in your area.

Let’s dive into creating a League and the steps you must follow.

First, select a name that represents your community. These names commonly include the term ‘Underground or Underground Circuit.’ In Arizona, we went with the OWAZ Underground.

Create a League logo that reflects your brand. You can even seek help from local graphic designers or try AI Art programs like Midjourney.

Then, find and record your best trails using the Ride Hermes app. Make sure to set Start and Finish gates accurately, keeping in mind GPS drift and rider accessibility.

Finally, consider the location of your trails based on your community’s preferences and needs. Once your League is setup, you will show in the Ride Hermes app, the Underground website, and you’ll be all set to race!

Final Thoughts on the Underground Circuit

I enjoyed our first season of underground racing in Arizona. The app has continued to be refined and add valuable features. So don’t hesitate – it’s time to join the community, conquer the trails, and make your mark on the leaderboard!

With the combination of racing classes, varying trail difficulties, and the opportunity to compete against fellow Onewheel enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone in this unique racing experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting, the Underground Circuit offers a thrilling challenge you won’t want to miss. So, grab your Onewheel, download the Ride Hermes app, and start exploring the trails in your area.

As you race through the Leagues and seasons, remember to respect the rules and your fellow riders, ensuring fun and fair competition for all. As you improve your times and climb the leaderboard, you’ll be well on your way to securing a spot in the Underground Finals.

Who knows, you might just become the next Underground Onewheel racing champion!

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety precautions should be taken while participating in Underground Onewheel Racing?

  • Ironically, the thrill of underground Onewheel racing might make you forget about safety, but let’s face it, you’re not invincible.
  • To ensure your safety while participating in this competitive riding experience, always wear appropriate protective gear, including a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards.
  • Ride within your skill level, and never push yourself beyond your limits.
  • Before racing, familiarize yourself with the course and be aware of any potential hazards or obstacles.
  • Definitely make sure to tighten bolts and keep your Onewheel well-maintained.
  • Lastly, respect the rules and guidelines set by the organizers, and remember that safety comes first – even when chasing the rush of a high-speed race.

Are there any specific age restrictions for participating in the competition?

There aren’t any specific age restrictions for participating in Underground Onewheel racing competitions. However, riders must select their gender, age, and weight in the Ride Hermes App if they want to join race classes.

Based on the personal information provided, Ride Hermes can filter riders into the appropriate classes. These categories include Men’s, Women’s, Legends (50+), and Clydesdale (+200lbs).

Ensure your information is accurate at the start of the season, and enjoy racing as much as you want!

How can riders connect with other participants and share their experiences in the Underground Circuit?

To connect with other participants and share your experiences in the Underground Circuit, you can use the Ride Hermes app or join the local Onewheel Communities holding a circuit on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

By participating in League Seasons and engaging with fellow riders online, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange tips, discuss trails, and celebrate each other’s achievements throughout the racing season.

Don’t forget to share your race videos and photos to inspire and motivate others.

What happens in case of a tie in the leaderboard rankings at the end of a Circuit Session?

Just like the nail-biting tiebreakers in your favorite sports, a tie in the leaderboard rankings at the end of a Season can add a thrilling twist to the Underground Onewheel Racing competition.

The individual League organisers would determine the specific tiebreaker rules in such a scenario. These rules will be communicated to all the participants beforehand, ensuring a fair and transparent process for breaking the deadlock.

So get ready to race your heart out – every second counts in this exhilarating showdown!

Can beginners or less experienced Onewheel riders participate in the Underground Circuit, and if so, are there any tips for them?

Yes, beginners or less experienced Onewheel riders can definitely participate in the Underground Circuit.

It’s essential to start by familiarizing yourself with the Ride Hermes app and your local trails, as well as understanding the rules and race classes.

Practice riding on various terrains, develop balance and control, and gradually increase your speed to improve your race times.

Don’t forget to engage with the Onewheel community for tips, support, and camaraderie.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the thrill of racing in the Underground Circuit!


So, is Underground Onewheel Racing truly the exciting racing experience it claims to be? You bet it is!

This unique racing circuit combines speed, skill, and camaraderie to create an electrifying journey for all participants. Don’t just take our word for it – try it yourself!

Join or start your League, set up a Season, and see firsthand how exhilarating this one-of-a-kind Onewheel racing experience can be. You just might become a die-hard fan!

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