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Onewheel Trading Card Template

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Todays the day. You’re past the point of getting on the Onewheel and standing up without tumbling and you just successfully landed a curb drop with style. What’s next on the bucket list??? Creating your personalized Onewheel trading card of course! With the help of Onewheel AZ, by golly, that’s just what you’re gonna do.

Aaron Alexander holding his Onewheel in a desert
Onewheel Trading Card for Aaron Alexander

How to create a Onewheel trading card?

I created the OWTC template and based it on an old template I used in my Ingress playing days. Ingress is an augmented reality game on your phone that was created by Niantic, which is owned by Google. It is the backbone for augmented reality games like Pokemon Go.

iJackPortals Dossier Card
Agent: iJackPortals

Note: Although this isn’t hard to do, this will be straightforward information. It assumes the reader has experience with photo editing programs like Photoshop and they are also familiar with concepts like importing images to layers and working with layers and fonts.

Editing the Onewheel Trading Card – Front

How to edit the Onewheel Trading Card Template.

  1. Download the Onewheel Trading Card Template here.

    File location for the Onewheel Trading Card Template.

  2. Open the onewheel-trading-card-template-front.psd file in Photoshop or a free alternative like GIMP.

    Advice for recommended tools needed to work with the template file.

  3. Add your image to a layer and make sure the image is below the Frame layer. Note: If it extends past the top-right edge, make sure the image layer is selected and erase the image to the edge of the card.

    How to add the image layer and adjusting it below the frame layer.example of an added image below frame layer

  4. Edit the “Your Name Here” layer and change it to your desired name.

    How to edit the text layer of the template
    example of changing the text layers

  5. Save image as a .PNG and the front layer is complete.

    Final step is to save as a .PNG file due to the transparency needed for the angled corner.Lucky Dog Trading Card

Editing the Back of the Card

The back contains all of the rider details like name, boards you ride like the Plus +, XR +, or the Pint, and finally your Onewheel rider description. In addition, there is also the option to use a “classified” or “declassified” seal for authenticity.

  1. Open the onewheel-trading-card-template-back.psd file in Photoshop or a free alternative like GIMP.
  2. Edit the Rider Name in the “Agent Name Header” layer.
  3. Choose if you want the “Classified” or “De-classified” Seal.
  4. Edit the 1st line of the title in the “Agent Title1 – first line” layer. You can put a nickname or real name here.
  5. Edit the 2nd line of the title in the “Agent Title2 – second line” layer. You can put a quote or something else fun about you.
  6. Edit the “Alignment Text” layer and put what Onewheel types you own. Are you a veteran rider that’s been a pioneer since the V1 Kickstarter, or are you new to the game on a Pint? You might even be a savage addict like most of us with multiple boards? List em here.
  7. Edit the “Description Bio/Text” layer. You can put in information about yourself as a Onewheel rider and have fun. Make it juicy.
  8. Decide what background color you prefer from the 3 choices blue, red, and green.
trading card back color options
Background color choices

9. Save image as a .PNG and the back layer is complete.

Lucky Dog on a Onewheel trading card back
“Luck Dog” Trading Card Back Details

Note: You can put whatever you want in these fields from one line blurbs to actual contact information.

Now that you have the front and back of your OWTC template complete, you can share them as individual images or go as far as having them printed. You can get custom trading cards made at a variety of places like Primo Print or MyTradingCards.

I hope you have fun creating your personal Onewheel Trading Card and leave a comment or share your OW card here in the comments. If you liked the guide and templates, please share and keep an eye out for more Onewheel content from Onewheel AZ.

Aaron Alexander Author Onewheel AZ
Written By:

Aaron Alexander

Founder of the Onewheel community in Arizona, Onewheel AZ, Aaron Alexander is passionate about riding Onewheels. You can find him night riding on various trails in Arizona or working to amplify stoke in the community. He is a Shreddy Head, Father of 2, Lucky husband, “Onewheel Rapper”/ M.C., Jokester, and General Crusher. 

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